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Neurology Learning Network spoke with Philip Wang, whose study recently demonstrated that, for emergency department visits for migraine between 2010 and 2017, opioid prescriptions decreased and administration of guideline-recommended treatments increased.
In this video, Dr Buse discusses the findings of the OVERCOME Study, in which she and her colleagues investigated the influence of acute treatment optimization on disability and health-related quality of life among people with migraine.
In this podcast, Dr Robbins discusses how the ongoing pandemic has impacted headache medicine thus far, key areas of future research going forward, and what neurologists should keep in mind as the pandemic wears on. He recently gave a talk about this topic at the American Headache Society Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting.
In this video, Dr Patel discusses the findings from his study on the the role of triggers in status migrainosus and its association with morbidity. This study was featured in the 2020 American Academy of Neurology Science Highlights.
In this video, Richard Lipton, MD, reviews key findings from the PROMISE-2 trial of eptinezumab for the treatment of chronic migraine.
In this video, Richard Lipton, MD, discusses evidence of the effects of intravenous eptinezumab compared with other monoclonal antibodies that are FDA-approved for migraine.
In this video, Richard Lipton, MD, discusses the results of the PROMISE-2 trial, including the observed reductions in Headache Impact Test-6 (HIT-6) total and item scores among patients with chronic migraine who were treated with eptinezumab.
In this podcast, Vincent Martin, MD, from the University of Cincinnati, defines migraine triggers, discusses the pathophysiology of migraine triggers, and explains how to clinically manage migraine triggers.
A new systematic review indicates that cluster headache may be an inherited disorder associated with multiple hereditary patterns. Neurology Consultant discussed these findings further with study author Mark Burish, MD, PhD.
In this podcast, Dr Digre discusses the association of photophobia and eye pain with migraine, dry eyes, and related conditions, as well as common pitfalls in the management and treatment of photophobia and eye pain.
Stephanie J. Nahas, MD, MSEd, answered our questions about headache and advancements in the management of headache—a topic she also spoke about at the American Association of Neurology 2019 Fall Meeting.