Multiple Sclerosis

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In this podcast, Dr Huang discusses various research models that he, his colleagues, and others are currently using to examine potential remyelination strategies for multiple sclerosis. Dr Huang recently gave a talk about this topic at the American Neurological Association's 145th Annual Meeting.
In a recent nested case-control study, researchers investigated the effects of tumor necrosis factor inhibitor exposure on the risk of inflammatory demyelinating and nondemyelinating central nervous system events. Study author Amy Kunchok, MBBS, MMed, from the Mayo Clinic, answered our questions about this research.
At the ANA’s 145th Annual Meeting, Caterina Mainero, MD, PhD, discussed gray matter pathology in multiple sclerosis. After Dr Mainero’s presentation, Neurology Learning Network caught up with her about important research advances in this area.
In a recent study, researchers investigated whether autofluorescence may serve as a marker of prior and ongoing white matter injury in chronic neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Neurology Learning Network discussed the findings and their implications further with study author Andrew Caprariello, PhD.
In this video, Laura T. Safar, MD, addresses the impact of neuropsychiatric disorders on quality of life among patients with multiple sclerosis, and the importance of monitoring the prevalence of depression, anxiety, and cognitive disorders in this patient population. She recently gave a talk on this topic at the Consortium for Multiple Sclerosis Centers Virtual Meeting.
In this podcast, Dr Zeydan discusses how multiple sclerosis (MS) phenotypes impact the association between aging and MS, key considerations for this patient population, and more. She recently discussed this topic at the ECTRIMS/ACTRIMS MSVirtual2020 meeting.
In this video, Florian Thomas, MD, discusses the use of telemedicine among patients with multiple sclerosis during the ongoing pandemic, and what can and cannot be accomplished in a telemedicine visit.
In this video, Florian Thomas, MD, discusses the use of disease-modifying therapies among patients with multiple sclerosis during the ongoing pandemic.
In this podcast, Dr Weber discusses clinical presentations of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein-mediated disease in multiple sclerosis, as well as important research developments in this field. Dr Weber recently gave a talk about MOG-mediated disease in MS at the ECTRIMS/ACTRIMS MSVirtual2020 meeting.
In this video, Peter Calabresi, MD, discusses the findings from his award-winning study, which suggested that inhibiting immune activation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells may foster remyelination among patients with multiple sclerosis. Dr Calabresi and his team will be presented with an award for this study at the American Neurological Association’s 145th Annual Meeting.
In this video, Bardia Nourbakhsh, MAS, MD, gives an overview of how COVID-19 has changed how he and his colleagues see and treat patients with multiple sclerosis in their tertiary specialty care center, and the challenges that have arisen throughout the pandemic.