Multiple Sclerosis

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In this podcast, Dr Huang discusses various research models that he, his colleagues, and others are currently using to examine potential remyelination strategies for multiple sclerosis. Dr Huang recently gave a talk about this topic at the American Neurological Association's 145th Annual Meeting.
He discusses his latest research on how managing lipid levels with the Wahls diet and other integrative interventions affects fatigue related to multiple sclerosis.
He discusses an article he wrote about the concept and applications of the multiple sclerosis disease severity score, introducing Herbert's Classification, and more.
In this podcast, Marisa McGinley, DO, answers our questions about how technology enables objective and standardized patient assessments in clinical practice, how the results of these assessments help improve patient care, and more.
A new study aimed to characterize the distribution and regional evolution of cervical cord atrophy in patients with multiple sclerosis. Lead author Maria A. Rocca answered our questions about her team’s study and its results.
Antje Bischof, from the University of California, San Fransisco, talks about her research "Accelerated Cord Atrophy Precedes Conversion to Secondary Progressive Disease in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis," which she presented at ACTRIMS Forum 2019.
In this video, Florian Thomas, MD, discusses how the ongoing pandemic has impacted his patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), as well as the importance of avoiding delays in care among patients with MS.