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In this podcast, Dr Markman discusses promising findings from a large phase 3 trial comparing subcutaneous tanezumab vs tramadol and placebo among patients with chronic low back pain and history of inadequate response or intolerance to standard-of-care analgesics.
In this podcast, Sara Heins, PhD, from the RAND Corporation, answers our questions about her study that evaluated state-level morphine equivalent daily dose policies, why variation in these policies can be challenging, and more.
Elizabeth Huntoon, MD, answered our questions about which nutrition plans are best for managing pain, the best anti-inflammatory foods, and more.
David Patterson, PhD, answers our questions about how mindfulness and meditation contribute to chronic pain reduction, the techniques he employs with his patients, and how you can implement them in your practice.
Allen W. Burton, MD, discusses 2 new types of implantable neurostimulation devices featuring 2 advanced spinal column stimulation techniques, which may be superior to conventional tonic spinal cord therapy used in clinical practice for the past few decades.