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In Episode 1, Rachel Marie E. Salas, MD, interviews Nancy Collop, MD, and Charlene Gamaldo, MD, about the impact of COVID-19 on their sleep centers at Emory University and Johns Hopkins University, respectively, from the start of the pandemic until now. A full transcript is provided.
In this podcast, Neurology Learning Network's Sleep Medicine Section Editor Joseph Diamond, MD, discusses new drug approvals, phase 3 clinical trial data, "COVID-somnia," and more developments from 2020. A full transcript is provided.
Recent findings from 2 independent cohorts have reinforced the importance of preserving REM sleep. Study author Eileen Leary, PhD, answers our questions about the findings and their implications.
Neurology Consultant spoke with Géraldine Rauchs, PhD, whose study provides evidence of a potential association between sleep-disordered breathing and biomarkers for Alzheimer disease among older adults.
Neurology Learning Network Section Editor Rachel Salas, MD, discusses her experiences in caring for her patients with sleep disorders via telemedicine, how medical education is changing for her neurology students during the pandemic, and the benefits of practicing strengths-based psychology.
Read through this Q&A with Raman Malhotra, MD, for his tips on receiving an adequate amount of sleep each night and caring for patients with sleep disorders.
March is National Sleep Awareness Month, and to highlight the importance of sleep medicine, Pradeep Sahota, MD, shares his perspective about how wearable (and nearable) devices affect practice.
In this podcast, Rachel Marie E. Salas, MD, leads a discussion with Charlene Gamaldo, MD, and Sharon Park, PharmD, about the obstacles the opioid crisis has presented in the treatment of restless legs syndrome and how clinicians can curtail those obstacles moving forward. 
A new study describes how sleep and activity patterns vary among older adults during and after hospitalization. Lead author Vineet Arora, MD, MAAP, answers our questions about her study and how the findings will affect clinical practice.
She talks about treating sleep conditions in children and adults with autism. Because 1 out of every 59 children has autism, practitioners will soon see more adults with autism and sleep disorders.
Lead author Joanna E. MacLean, MD, PhD, from the University of Alberta, answers our questions about her latest research on the relationship between bedwetting, nighttime arousal, and OSA in children.