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One woman shares her personal experience to raise awareness and let others know they are not alone.
Nonmotor symptoms take center stage as researchers gather intel on patients’ unmet needs. Parkinson's disease is a complex and multifaceted disorder. While the motor symptoms – tremors, slowness in movements and rigidity – tend to be the most recognizable, almost all people with Parkinson's also experience a plethora of nonmotor symptoms, and these symptoms often have a substantial and negative impact on quality of life.

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New findings suggest that α-synuclein reactive T cells may be present years before the diagnosis of motor Parkinson disease. Neurology Consultant discussed these findings further with study author David Sulzer, PhD, from Columbia University Medical Center.
In an analysis of nearly 3000 elderly men without Parkinson disease (PD) at baseline, researchers aimed to determine whether circadian abnormalities were associated with an increased risk of PD over time.