Spinal Disorders

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Onasemnogene abeparvovec yielded clinically meaningful responses and a favorable benefit-risk profile for patients with spinal muscular atrophy type 1, according to findings from a recent phase 3 trial.
Copper deficiency myeloneuropathy has been well studied in animal species, but the relationship with neurologic disease in humans has been identified only recently. Neurologic findings of copper deficiency are often underrecognized and therefore not treated.
​A 33-year-old woman with no significant past medical history presented to our family medicine practice with concern for a headache when she laughs or leans her head forward.
A 74-year-old man presented to his primary care provider with a 1-month history of new-onset low back pain.
The USPSTF first released a screening recommendation for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in 2004. Recently, the USPSTF evaluated existing evidence on the benefits and harms of screening for the condition in order to update their previous statement.
Scoliosis, characterized by rotation of the vertebrae by 10° or more, affects 1% to 3% of children between age 10 and 16 years.
A 15-month-old girl presented to our clinic for a well-child visit. She had been born at term and had been discharged home after 3 days.
A recent study sought to determine if fibromyalgia was an independent predictor of asthma severity and poor asthma control among patients with both comorbidities.
While yoga has been found to be effective for patients with mild to moderate low back pain, its efficacy in comparison to physical therapy remains unknown. A recent noninferiority trial compared the effects of yoga on pain and function with physical therapy among patients with chronic low back pain.
Current treatments for fibromyalgia can be limited or restrictive. Therefore, in a new study, researchers aimed to examine the effects of home-based light therapy on pain sensitivity and function in patients with fibromyalgia.
In a recent study, researchers aimed to define the prevalence of fibromyalgia among the general population.